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The Change Project


The annual Change project is produced by Mosaic Association.

Since 2012, the Mosaic Association has been offering enriching visual arts experiences to schools in Batley and Birstall through the Change project. This annual project aims to provide inclusive arts and STEM learning experiences to children and young people in the area. Our collaboration with schools focuses on making STEM subjects engaging and accessible through the arts. By employing a creative methodology, we enable young individuals to participate in new artistic learning experiences, such as engaging in engineering and science experiments, as well as developing specialized artistic skills like glass making or . Throughout these experiences, participants also gain insights into potential career paths within the arts and STEM fields.



The Change project, which has run for ten years, is celebrating its 10th anniversary thanks to Cummins Turbo Technologies, Batley Girls High School and Kirklees Council. In 2012, the Change Project set out to bring a high-quality Visual Arts project to the schools in Batley and Birstall. In 2015, we introduced science to the project, challenging our schools to combine art and science in an innovative way which resulted in astonishing artistic outcomes. 

Through its ongoing exploration of the connections between art, science, and engineering, the Change project has continued to adapt and evolve year after year, as the professionals learn alongside the students. As the project continues to grow, it has gathered a wealth of experience and knowledge. This knowledge has been deconstructed and refined to provide the schools of Batley and Birstall with an incomparable learning experience.

Our Evolution



During this year's program, we will focus on tackling some of the larger challenges facing the creative and engineering industries today. These challenges include gender inequalities, the under representation of individuals from minority backgrounds and age bias'. As part of the project we recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion, and the impact this can have on the choices participants make when choosing their career paths. This year we have made sure to build a diverse group of artists and engineers, both students and adults participating can identify with.


Additionally, we are taking steps to eliminate socio-economic barriers within the creative and engineering sector by continuing to support and deliver the Change project to schools located within North Kirklees. As part of the project's effort to be inclusive, we will be putting in steps to ensure the work can be accessed by those with specific needs. This will include changing the location of the exhibition to provide wheelchair access, as well as researching and implementing audio interactive options for individuals with visual impairments.

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