the mosaic association produces the yearly change project; the change project provides rich educational and inclusive learning experiences for the local adults and children of Batley and Birstall.

The Change project, which has run for ten years, is celebrating its 10th anniversary thanks to Cummins Turbo Technologies, an engineering company based in Huddersfield, and Kirklees Council. 


In 2012, the Mosaic association set out to bring a high-quality Visual Arts project to the schools in Batley and Birstall through the Change project. In 2015, we introduced science to the project, challenging our schools to combine art and science in an innovative way which resulted in astonishing artistic outcomes. 


This year the change project will focus on engaging parents, guardians, and family members. We want to encourage adults to challenge their traditional ways of thinking about Arts, Science, and Engineering. A number of workshops are being offered to the schools participating in the project this year. Look out for upcoming opportunities to get involved!